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Jul 12, 2007


I went to a prospect's home this afternoon, and I can't help but feel how badly the family NEEDS to engage an interior designer. Sorry I'm not being mean. And seriously, that interior designer doesn't necessarily have to be me too (because I'm sure any designer can work some magic on this apartment). Inside the apartment, I look left and I look right, and everything just doesn't seem quite right to me. Most of the furniture pieces are way too big for the rooms - I wonder how they managed to squeeze their way through the house daily all these years - and there's absolutely no planning for storage to keep away the clutter in sight. And hey, I haven't even started talking about the four overwhelming colours screaming for attention on the living room walls...

But perhaps what's more 'worrying' is that this family is not alone.

Though taste is totally personal, I can't stress enough how important scale and proportion are in an interior. Even more so for practicing restraint in whatever things that we do.


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