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Jul 9, 2007


I think I just found a solution to a scorching problem.

All this time, I was very bothered by the heat produced by my laptop when it's in use. Mind you, this little beast of mine dispenses a HUGE amount of heat, and makes me wonder if it'd just decide to blow up in front of me while I'm happily typing away on it. And they expect you to place it on your lap (if not, how did the name come about?)?

But today I came across a simple, brilliant idea on IKEA Hacker. And I believe many of you will agree that it's a clever shot at that problem. This fantastic hack was carried out using an affordable Benjamin stool from IKEA and a trusty saw. Hmmm... I'm loving the idea and think it'll just end my agony once and for all.

As you can see, interior designers appreciate an IKEA hack or two over designer furniture occasionally...


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5 comments: on "PROBLEM SOLVED!"

Anonymous said...

i'd also recommend the xpad. I bought this for my husband and it lifts the computer off the surface in 4 spots so the air can circulate underneath.

jon said...

My, this is really clever!

spider_lily said...

I love your blog!!!

The Paris Apartment said...

oh thank god! my legs get fried each night and the laptop gets slow if i put it on a pillow. thanks for the tip!

KNQ Associates said...

My poor laps get fried every day too - until I found this smart solution.