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Jul 19, 2007


I obtained a skimpy furniture catalogue while I was at a certain furniture mall the other day. In it, right before my eyes, were blatant rip-offs of several design classics. Seeing how crudely made the furniture are, my blood literally boiled. And then, there's the supposedly 'new' designs in the same catalogue, which are actually nothing more than bad derivatives of the classics. I call this kind of act 'indirect thievery'. While I wouldn't stop people from buying these design fakes - not that I have the power to - it simply pains me to see people spending money on poor-quality stuff like these.

Granted, the Real McCoys cost a few times more than the fakes. But spare a moment to think about the hard work poured into the design of every single design classic that we've come to know of. Think about the passion put in by people like Le Corbusier, Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni , just to make our lives better. Think about the well-deserved royalties robbed from them.

I'm sure there are always good solutions for every given price point, but buying fakes is obviously not one of those.


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1 comments: on "MAD LIKE HELL..."

Anonymous said...

Well said, stan. people need to know how to respect designers and their creations.