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Jul 27, 2007


As recently seen on The Style Files, this bookshelf is going to be a hit with people who don't like... bookshelves. You see, Sticklebook is a truly original alternative to book storage that creates the illusion of a line of books hanging unsupported on the wall. It consists of an aluminium bracket and combed strip that grips the cover and pages of paperback books, holding them in place.

Now, all you need to do is think of what books to get to match the decor.


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4 comments: on "STICKLEBOOK"

Bhavna said...

Very inovative!

I have another problem though...I was running out of book shelves at my home, so got more than a couple of shelves made along with my media furniture recently. Now I have run out of books and need to temp fill up the shelves with odds and ends! ;)

Bhavna said...


ate one 'n' in my last comment ;-) hence leaving an extra one here..

jon said...

Love this. Is it available in singapore?

Michael said... ships worldwide!