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Jul 8, 2007


I love bringing good news. You know, the joy of sharing a special, happy moment with your friends. And I'm happy to share with you friends a good news about a good blogger friend of mine.

Remember I mentioned Imelda (of ImedaGoze fame) entered a pillow design competition organised by Inhabit Living a while back? Apparently, the latter has started retailing pillows based on her winning designs, a move my dear friend did not even anticipated herself. She told me those guys at Inhabit didn't really intend to produce the runner-up's design, but decided to do it in view of numerous requests from the public. She's indeed thrilled and grateful for the tremendous support shown.

Well, Imelda... people know good stuff when they see it, so you don't really have to be surprised. I'm guessing Inhabit may just approach you for more design in the near future if those pillows continue to sell well. So, good luck to you!

If you are interested in buying any of Imelda's pillows, head straight to Inhabit's site now.


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