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Aug 19, 2007


In my line of work, it's common to run short of ideas occasionally. While I wish to bring something fresh into every project every time, there's always other dreadful issues like datelines and budgets to keep my mind on too. No wonder I've been noticing more and more grays on my head.

And often, the best thing a time-stressed person can do is to take a few precious moments out and start noticing things around him or her. Be it flipping through a magazine, switching on the TV or simply getting out of the office or house. Of course, if all things fail, there's always the LOVELY Internet to turn to. Lately, I've developed the daily habit of checking out my favorite blogs for inspiration. You know, that process of exploring, and pondering about how you might apply what you have found in a different context is really helpful. It definitely helps to get me out of a creative bottleneck pretty effectively. After all, I always believe that creativity is just a word for the merger of a 'childlike' curiosity and what I call 'unusual connection' - to bring two totally unrelated ideas together in order to solve a problem. The abundance of information online just seems to facilitate that whole process.

Now, enough of all the preaching. My personal digital clipboard has been stuffed full with some inspiring images I've tagged these past few days. I've been itching to share with you people some of my favorites here. Here they are. Enjoy!

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