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Aug 23, 2007


I saw Hongkong architect/ designer Gary Chang on TV that day. So I thought I'd talk a little about him.

Firstly, I was impressed by his life story about growing up in Hong Kong under cramped conditions and how, as an architect, these experiences have shaped his interest (and signature style) in creating living and working spaces that are highly 'configurable'. His own apartment in Hong Kong which he live has since become his 'guinea pig' of sorts. The design of the highly compact apartment has since went through 5 incarnations, in which he experimented with different ways to create reconfigurable spaces each time. That's 5 rejuvenation within the same old house, my dear!

At the same time, I really love the concept of his Suitcase House Hotel.

Part of the experimental development The Commune By the Great Wall in Beijing, the Suitcase House is "a simple demonstration of the desire for ultimate adaptability in pursuit of proscenium for infinite scenarios and a plane of sensual pleasure". The 40 meters long rectangular box is built on a strata of wood and features a series of sliding and folding partitions inside to form a matrix of openings to reveal bedrooms, bathrooms, cabinet, trunks and kitchens beneath the floor.

Never has the idea for a pop-up book been so skilfully and perfectly translated into modern architecture.

Though inescapably urban, Chang’s work is not one of soaring office towers for big corporate clients. Instead, the award-winning Hongkong-trained designer concentrates on the quality of space. He also designed for Alessi.

Do you like Gary Chang's works? Do leave your comments.


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7 comments: on "GARY CHANG"

Anonymous said...

The room is so versatile. Hongkong houses seem really small.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I have never heard of this architect--thanks for introducing me. I do like Alessi though.

dt said...

The suitcase house is quite cool.

Anonymous said...

The house is really AMAZING, I was lucky enough to have Gary bring us around his apartment. His works are amazing! He's a very fun person too!

Laura said...

Hi! Your blog is very interesting! Also this post, but sorry, I don't understand the name oh the first Chang' s house! Can you help me?!
Sorry for my bad english!



Poppy said...

I am going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks on a study tour and we are meeting Gary Chang and going to see his apartment. His ideas are practical and innovative and I have been inspired by him in some of my recent work!

KNQ Associates said...

That should be a fun trip, to meet the talented designer in person!