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Sep 18, 2007


We do understand that polls and contests will occasionally be seen as 'unfair' in the eyes of some people...

A couple of readers correctly brought up an issue regarding the solicitation of votes by some in the '10 most influential bloggers' poll we are currently running on Home Rejuvenation. Short of declaring this entire poll as meaningless just because of a few rare cases of self-promotion, I only have this to say - there's often a fine line between being influential and being popular. But I'm actually quite sure that someone who is not popular with his or her 'fans' will never ever be able to influence them, much less get them to vote for something they don't truthfully like. So, I trust readers nowadays are smart and rational enough to know what they are doing before clicking that 'send' button.

Nevertheless, as if we cannot say enough, do vote with your heart, people. We're really relying on your utmost honesty in this. Think of this poll as a project we are all doing together - to find the absolute best in the design blogging world.

Thanks a lot!

Stan & KUS

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4 comments: on "BACKLASH"

berry said...

Well said, guys!!

ALL THE BEST said...

many good points!

jon said...

I agree with you totally guys.