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Sep 15, 2007


Designed by Anne Linde, the Square Bookcase is a handsome way to store the books and other stuff. Since the entire piece is mounted onto the wall, it's not going to take up much floor space, making it a perfect solution for those with limited space at home.


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1 comments: on "SQUARE BOOKCASE"

montevideana said...

I'm a graduate librarian and I work in a college library. My parents own a very large amount of books, so I guess I'm accustomed to their presence. I've observed that, for most people, books are like wrinkles, they come with years you live whether you'd planned it or not. This is, books are something you can only have "more and more" (unless, like me, you have a policy of keeping the number at bay by passing down to libraries or other people once in a while).

I'm always surprised on how designers try to innovate over the concept of bookshelf. Like this one. Unless your books are hardcover, they tend to lose their shape and slip to one side. Here, half of them would fall. Besides, unless I'm not seeing it well, it seems that a lot of space is not used, because the shelves are wide but books are placed only on one side.

To design a book container (shelf or whatever you have in mind) caring about books themselves and not just design, you need to bear in mind that books can be incredibly heavy, come in unusual shapes (particularly art, photography and architecture), and are very sensitive to direct sunlight, dampness, heath sources and dust. They are very hard to clean too, so it's so much better to avoid than to cure in that!
And last but not least, you need to be able to reach them easily, both with your eye and with your hand. What's the point of keeping books you never see, you'd probably forgotten you had and never read? Why make a mess displacing 30 books to reach just one? And then, if they were in order, would you have the time and patience to put them back again in their place?

Having said that, I really like this design. Though I'm not sure I'd take it home, not for books at least.