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Sep 20, 2007


KNQ Associates scours the net for beautiful objects for the home!

1. This sofa, with its spiral shaped-slit design, reminds me of Marc Jacob's Wood Chair for Cappellini some years ago. But the twist here is that Velvet, designed by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro, is upholstered in luxurious smooth velvet. We think it's not quite as comfy as other sofas around but this eye-catching piece should work as an interesting companion in a contemporary home setting.

2. Call it deja vu - I'm thinking of the Wood Chair again when I see this. This fibre-glass lounge is sleek and minimalist. I don't like pink, but then again, it's available in 11 colours.

3. We love this functional little table lamp Fiat Lux which doubles as a book holder. In fact, we love anything that is multi-purpose.

4. Via a process of deconstruction and subsequent reconsturction, the Louis XXI coffee table is thus born. The thoughtfully-incorporated deep slits run randomly across the table top as part of the design, while storing the newspapers and magazines we read daily. A winner of the international competition "A piece of furniture for reading places 2007", this is one fine example where classicism collides with modern design sensibility - to marvelous effect.

5. Another multi-purpose table. Need we say more?


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3 comments: on "HOT! FINDS"

dt said...

Tat sofa looks cool.

Bhavna said...

I so look forward to your product are able to find the most unique and exceptionally well designed goods :)

KNQ Associates said...

Thanks for the compliment,Bhavna!