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Sep 27, 2007


KNQ Associates scours the net for beautiful objects for the home!

1. We may not think much of one floppy piece of paper, but you'd be surprised what a stack of it can do. The stools, benches and loungers under the Paper Softseating line are made entirely from kraft paper with 50% recycled content and utilize a sturdy, flexible honeycomb structure which can be compressed like a book to be stored.

2. Who could possibly miss those ring-shaped armrests and distinctive smock stitching of Patricia Urquiola's Smock for Moroso? Definitely not me.

3. Jean Nouvel brought his talent for sculptural innovation to Milan recently with this Skin sofa for Molteni. The 7-foot-wide piece features double-sided black leather with self-modeling geometric incisions, a tubular-steel frame, and a steel base. Masculine...

4. Like a boulder by the sea, rounded and honed to a smooth sculptural form, Michiel van der Kley's Conco for Artifort looks cutesy, but 'brings aerodynamics' right into your living room. I mean, if that's what you want...

5. There's nothing fishy about designer Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta's biomorphic Sushi daybed. The wood-and-rattan frame is rolled into a network of fibers from invasive water hyacinths that would otherwise clog rivers. Totally eco-friendly.


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2 comments: on "HOT! FINDS"

anna_lim said...

5 is nice.

Bhavna said...

1 Sribyatta's biomorphic Sushi daybed, please.