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Sep 7, 2007


James Law of James Law Cybertecture (you heard it right: it's cybertecture, not architecture) is a designer who's constantly looking to the future for innovative solutions for contemporary living. By harnessing the power of technology, it is hoped that the quality of people's lives can be substantially improved. In his own 'smart home', Law shows effortlessly how the incorporation of hi-tech electronics in the home doesn't necessarily equate tech geek.

The open-plan apartment is made very flexible by a series of animatronic walls which can be positioned to change the spatial layout. A 'cyber butler', which can be accessed by voice recognition technology and wireless web pads, remembers the user's favorite TV channels and turns down the TV volume when phone calls come in, among other features.

We haven't even come to the highlight of the house, which has to be the layer of 'digital wallpaper' that turn into huge digital screens onto which a vast array of content can be projected. These same screens also allow video conferencing with other spaces so that the living room can be visually 'extended' into the rooms of other homes in other parts of the world. With a design like this, you can be sure your house wouldn't have to look the same everyday.

Recently, the London-trained Law designed what is reported to be the world's most intelligent apartment tower, the iPad in Dubai. The pad will showcase how we will live in the 21st century, and how technology will impact on our lives. Will be eagerly looking forward to its completion...


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Anonymous said...

This house looks very cool.