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Sep 26, 2007


Our blogger friend Su Ling and I had an email discussion regarding our blog's poll for the '10 most influential design bloggers' last weekend, and we both felt that it'd be a pity if some of the new blogs we both -and I'm sure many others - love do not make it to that list. Well, at 544 votes so far and still counting, I can only reveal that the 'giants' continue to hog the limelight. At least for now.

So, Su Ling is consolidating a list of design blogs that you, as a reader, think have been churning out consistently impressive posts in the short amount of time they have landed on blogland. To be more specific, she's calling out to you people to email her your choice of design blogs that have been blogging for less than a year to watch out for. Now, that's some kind of encouragement for someone starting out, isn't it?

We'd be publishing her findings as one section of our post when we reveal the results for the '10 most influential design bloggers' poll sometime around the end of next month. Take note that her findings will not in any way alter the results of our own poll.


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1 comments: on "MORE WORK TO DO, FOLKS..."

jon said...

That's a nice idea. I'd vote for An Indian Summer right away.