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Sep 9, 2007


We all know that surveys usually don't reveal anything that we didn't know of. So The Washington Post's report on whether women are indeed more interested in interior design than the other sex doesn't really offer any big surprise. It just suddenly made me think of this new client (read: male) who told me point blank the other day, "I'm not really interested in the look of the interior. My wife is...".


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5 comments: on "SEX AND INTERIOR DESIGN"

Bhavna said...

ha more survey which helps perpetuate age old perceptions! Architects are men, and interior designers are women! Oh well!

What fun it would for you to do up your client's (the male one) personal area (like study or den) in pink! He might start taking more interest in 'interiors' then!


jon said...

Men are generally more into functions than aesthetics I think.

At home with Kim Vallee said...

My husband is more interested in the functional aspect of interior design than every visual detail. But he shares his views about the overall look.

We visited his aunt and uncle earlier this week, the man designed several wall units that were pleasing to the eyes and well-taught. So I think it depends.

Jessie said...

I will say that my husband is more into interior design now. After watching design shows with me, watching me design, and listening to me talk about it. He really does care what our house looks like. Lucky for me, we have the same taste. He always makes comments about how he loves what I do to our home.

KNQ Associates said...

Thanks for the different perspectives here, people!