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Sep 30, 2007


This is going to make the late, great Thomas Edison extremely happy. For once, the lightbulb is at the center of attraction again.

My, who is this eBay seller trying to kid? Do they even think for a moment that anyone in their right mind would pay US$80000.00 for this? It's sad to see the Eames being associated with it. Sigh...

I'm going to give my latest blogger friend Patricia Gray's work a shout here. This past project of hers, situated in Vancouver, caught my eyes with its ultra-modern, minimalistic design. And what an amazing informal dining space with those Poltrona Frau chairs! Images courtesy of Patricia Gray Inc.

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1 comments: on "SHORT TAKES"

patricia gray said...

Hi Stan
Thanks for the mention. The Poltrona Frau chairs as well as being amazing are extremely comfortable. They swivel & tilt and are covered in white Maserati leather.