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Oct 28, 2007


This is an interview we thought will never see the light of day. We are so very happy it did.

Our good blogger friend Holly Becker from Decor8 has been so busy the past few weeks, and finally came back yesterday with her replies to our interview questions. Thanks for taking the time out to do this, Holly!

Home Rejuvenation: What made you decide to write a design blog back then?

Holly: When I started decor8, it was long before the bevy of design blogs that exist today, before advertising, before "top 10" contests such as this one, before all the hype I guess you could say! :) Back then being a blog held NO clout. Not that it does now, but at least when I tell store owners or magazines that I'm a blogger, they don't ask me "What's a blog?" or "Oh, that's nice" and walk away discrediting my work.

So I have to say that what drove me to start decor8 was that I only knew of two other female bloggers and felt like, though I liked them both very much, neither were thirtysomethings like me with clients and such, so my perspective was a little different and I also had a slightly different style, I wasn't into Van der Rohe sofas and streamlined design - more into flea market finds, handmade, bohemian, eclectic. I've always loved mixing old with new, I've been decorating this way since I was a young girl so I imagine this won't change anytime soon. Starting decor8 was my way of connecting with my clients, cataloging my finds, and sharing with my friends on a regular basis. People always told me I "knew everything" when it came to where to find great things, so a blog was my outlet for that vs. keeping it in binders at home or in my head. And then decor8 grew into having a life of its own, and it's been a lot of fun!

Home Rejuvenation: What do you think sets your blog apart from other blogs around?

Holly: It's written from my perspective as an interior designer and writer for one, and I have passion for these things, so I think it really shows in my writing. I also live in northern Germany in the Fall, so when I'm aboard I can share a view into design in northern Europe and when I'm in the states, I talk about what's going on over there, so I imagine that's fun for readers to keep up with. But I don't think about doing things to set decor8 apart, I just think about sharing and keeping in step with what's going on in the world of design so I can stay current in my profession and keep my readers in the know so they are exposed to things that inspire and motivate them to enjoy their home.

Home Rejuvenation: How do you see blogs as an emerging form of media in the near future? Or how different do you think blogs are from mass media outlets like TV, magazines and papers?

Holly: I left a stable job in the corporate world after 10 years, not because I disliked the work, but because of all the layers I had to penetrate to get anything done. Then, once the approval came, the project was not longer exciting to me because the process was so draining. I currently write on a freelance basis for various magazines and websites, and from my interaction with editors I can tell that magazines have to go through a lot to get things published -- and it takes forever. Books are even worse, it takes an average of 18 months (minimum) to publish a book.

Blogs are different - instant content, instant reaction. It's so rewarding. You want someone's opinion on a product, just post about it and you'll have comments within 10 minutes time. When I read blogs and hear the authentic voices of their editors coming through, I can ask questions through blog comments and get answers right away (most of the time), and I know that the blogs I read are authored by honest people that really enjoy their subject matter, and it's very refreshing and inspiring.

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Jonathan said...

Why does everyone feel the need to interview Holly. She has absolutely nothing to say and writes for people who knit and make stuffed bacon and eggs.

jon said...

Well jonathan, different people have different preferences. While I'm not a huge follower of her blog too, you can't dismiss the fact that she really captured her own share of fans with her writings and has become one of the more well-known, popular bloggers.

At the very least, you know her!!:)