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Oct 24, 2007


Our blogging friends Harry Wakefield (HW) from MoCo Loco, Jean Aw (JA) from Notcot and Victoria Smith (VS) from Sfgirlbybay give their takes on blogging in this second installment of our interview sessions with the influential design bloggers.

Home Rejuvenation
: What made you decide to write a design blog back then?

Back in 2003 there was no contemporary design news website that was daily, brief and current. I just created the thing I wanted to read.

JA: The blog started as an excuse for my friend to make me learn CSS... so i was learning around Movable Type, and naturally needed something to fill the pages with - I just started posting about all of the design inspiration i was already im-ing and emailing to everyone!

VS: I didn't really decide to do anything. I was looking for a place to store photos, and didn't even quite know what a blog was, but thought was a fun way to store them. Once I started, I realized I really loved the whole process. It tied my three loves - design, writing and photography all into one nice little package, and it more or less just evolved into a daily blog.

Home Rejuvenation: What do you think sets your blog apart from other blogs around?

All design blogs have a point of view, a voice, that you can read and also see in the curation of the design presented. That sets us all apart. If MoCo Loco has done well it's mostly attributable to the fact that we've been around for a while and we've got a great team.

JA: I think our image grid view of curated user submissions on,, and complimenting the more traditional (although extremely image-centric) makes us rather different from just your usual blogs.

VS: There are so many really good ones, and each one unique. I suppose I might put myself out there a little more personally than some of the others. But I don't like really comparing, and love the community we've created. There is room for every style.

Home Rejuvenation: How do you see blogs as an emerging form of media in the near future? Or how different do you think blogs are from mass media outlets like TV, magazines and papers?

HW: Emerging is the right word, this thing we know as blogging is evolving at a fast clip, it's hard to prognosticate. I do believe that traditional media have begun to embrace blogs in a big way, and will continue to do so in the years to come. As for the differences, editorially the lines are blurring, there are a lot of great voices in the blog world that rival the best in traditional media.

JA: To me blogs are just another medium - it's what you choose to do with it that makes the difference. Much like a notebook, a blog can be your journal, sketchbook, scrapbook, etc ~ and combined with having such an instantaneous ability to publish and reach such a large group of people is inevitably changing the way we communicate. It's exciting to see how things will evolve over the next few years!

VS: I think the more people discover the design blogging world, they'll start to notice the differences from a commercially published magazine, dependent on expensive advertising, from the daily blog from writers, artists, crafters just passionate about sharing their finds and their work with other creative people. It's a much more unique and creative community and I think most of us strive for an unbiased, heartfelt means of sharing the wonderful and unknown design, talent and beauty we find in the world.



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2 comments: on "3 QUESTIONS THAT MATTER: PART 2"

IF+D said...

Again, what a wonderful read for someone who is just starting out in the design blog world (like me!).

dt said...

Very first time I see Harry Wakefield being interviewed. Cool dude.