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Oct 1, 2007


Sometimes you get so bored you'll gladly take one of those boringly long psychology tests just to while some time away. I did one yesterday, and guess what I found out?

"According to this test, you have a touch of perfectionism. While this can be a healthy dose that keeps you trying your best, be careful that you don't neglect giving yourself a pat on the back for 'giving it your all'. There are certain limitations that need to be accepted, no matter the circumstances. Accomplishment and doing things well can feel good, as long as you don't make happiness and fulfillment contingent upon them."

As the popular Wikipedia will tell you, "Perfectionism... in its pathological form... is a belief that anything less than perfect is unacceptable. At pathological levels, this is considered an unhealthy belief. " It's unflattering, isn't it?

But I guess a designer can afford to be a perfectionist, right? At least that's what I think, ha...


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1 comments: on "ARE YOU A PERFECTIONIST?"

berry said...

I'm a perfectionist! I'm a perfectionist!