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Oct 1, 2007


It used to be a luxury for a kid to be able to have his or her own room, complete with a bed shaped in the form of a vehicle and curtain congested with cartoon characters. But that was the past. These days, cheesy-looking furniture and furnishings are falling out of favor fast. To be able to impress upon children and parents nowadays, designers - amongst them the best in the industry - are coming out with creative solutions in kids homeware just as quickly.

I myself have two very young girls at home, and I know what a headache it's like to look for furniture for your little ones to match that Le Corbusier chaise or Barcelona chair. We've just solved half of your problem here.

1. Offecct's Pick Up is a chair, walking aid and storage all rolled into one. In my opinion, it's a fun toy to ride on too.

2. Inspired by the Greek numerical prefix Tetra (meaning 4) and the popular computer game Tetris, Tetra1 is a 10 drawer unit comprising of four drawer sizes in a 5-row high, 2-drawer wide configuration or in a 2-row high, 5-drawer wide configuration. Made from Birch Euro-ply, this unit features one juicy-colored drawer (your choice) and three dark sable painted drawers for effect.

3. Can't rear a puppy at home due to some health or maintenance issues ? Try keeping one from Magis then.

4. Whoever says study tables for children can't be stylish should shoot themselves in their head. ducduc's Alex desk just proved those people wrong.

5. Tiki Stool from Offi is a wonderful piece of modern furniture that can be used by kids and adults alike. It has storage capacity and thus can be used as a sleek and compact side table apart from seating. Apparently that organic form is inspired by Tiki mugs from the 60s...

6 & 7. You've been tricked. The chair and the rocking stool are actually the same piece. The Trioli chair by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio is multi-functional and can be used in three different ways. It can be used with either end up to allow for two different seat heights, and can also be used as a rocking chair by turning it on its side. Clever? Without a doubt.

8. Yet another classic from Magis. Resembling a huge basket, this functional trunk El Baul is moulded from polyethylene and works fine both indoors and outdoors.

9. The Giza Table from Argington truly inspires imaginative play and enhances any child’s life. The unique design of this table adds a touch of contemporary style to any household. I'm so into those rounded edges - no sharp corners for those naughtiest of kids to bump right into.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, where can you find modern hip kids bedroom systems like the high end Italian furniture brands like Berloni, Dear Kids, etc in Singapore? So far, all the high end furniture stores I've been to like Space Furniture, Marquis, Xtra living, Mod living etc do not carry the kids furniture systems.
it's frustrating

The least we can have in Singapore is Habitat but even that UK brand has wound down its business in Singapore some years back and I definitely don't want to resort to Ikea!