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Oct 28, 2007


How far can one go to make the neighbors stand up and take notice? Probably this.

It's blooming season as and when you like it! Link

According to The Gazette, "Ordinary just doesn't cut it anymore". Design has truly hit mass-market.

I'm no book critic, but I sure know an interesting book when I read one. The book Apartment Interiors celebrates some of the world’s finest contemporary interiors - every one of them being a spectacular source of inspiration. These diverse living spaces share many similar qualities that we find most appealing in the home: the creative yet restrained use of materials, colour and texture, the clever use of space, and superb attention to detail.

(Above images lifted from the book Apartment Interiors by Carles Broto)


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3 comments: on "SHORT TAKES"

berry said...

That suspended net is way cool.

Anonymous said...

agree with berry.the net idea is nice for a good chillout on it.

Anonymous said...

I find that colored pencil fence very interesting. Any idea who made it, or have any more pictures of it?