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Oct 25, 2007


The creative line, though enjoyable, is also a highly stressful one which requires meticulous time organization (then again, which job doesn't?). Luckily, lessons from Behance help keep us sane:

1. Urgent vs. Important

2. Measure Meetings With Action

3. Advertise Action To Yourself

4. Laying Your Energy Line



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2 comments: on "LESSONS FOR CREATIVES"

patricia gray said...

Great tips for staying sane, which is a constant struggle for me. For me organization and working on one task at a time to completion is my goal, although I don't always achieve it.

KNQ Associates said...

Pat, you sure are not alone. As much as we we want it, things can never go in accordance to our plans every time. I can't even recall how many times this happened.