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Oct 5, 2007


We've been missing from the blogosphere these past few days for no other reason. We've began to tally up the votes for the '10 most influential design bloggers (blogs)' received from you readers (and bloggers) so far, and that proved to be no easy feat. Imagine ploughing over hundreds of emails and subsequently consolidating those votes into a spreadsheet for reference (can you hear me panting?). I've to thank those who have shown immense support for this poll, including those bloggers who have helped spread the word around. Voting has not ended yet, for your information. So, keep those votes coming till next Sunday (14th October).

Every dog has its stay. Even Fifi is having her own stylish abode - nicely tucked away in yours. Link

You don't need to go camping in order to stay in a tent. Link

Star-gazing doesn't seem to be a common past-time among Singaporeans. But it's a different story in the U.S, where amateur astronomy is becoming increasingly popular. And what better spot to gaze than right in the comfort of your own home? This is as fun as it can get...

Who says balloons are only for kids? Suzy Hoodless, formerly of Wallpaper* Interiors fame, recently invited five hand-picked design graduates to take over her own store and showcase their wares in celebration of the London Design Festival. Amongst the jewels are these whimsical glass balloon pendants by Jenny Beardshall.


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1 comments: on "SHORT TAKES"

Bhavna said...

All the best with the counting! :-)

I am slacking..need to send in my votes...glad the deadline is till Oct 14th! (maybe its an offshoot of when I used to wait to study for my exams till the very last moment) ;-)