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Oct 21, 2007


What a weekend! Since we posted the poll results of the '10 most influential design bloggers' on this blog 2 days back, we've received another tonne of emails from enthusiastic bloggers and readers recommending or directing us to their blogs. That's a lot for our minds to take in right now, so allow us to run through the entire mailbox over the next 2 weeks before we decide what to do with them. And in the meantime, do kindly refrain from emailing us. Thanks a lot.

Dezeen profiled this residential project by Romanian architects A.A. Studio not too long ago. The interior design of this three room apartment, as described by the architects, "combines elements from the pop-art age, from the aesthetics of the years ‘60-’70 and from the contemporary minimalism, all under the influence of white, used so predominant as a manifest against the impure context where the habitation takes place." From the many less-than-encouraging comments on the blog, it's very clear - need we be reminded of this again? - minimalism is not for everyone.

I've got to admit this - I used to appreciate hey-isn't-this-cool interiors like this a few years back. But perhaps as one grows older, he or she just wants a cosier (read: messier) home to come back to at the end of the day. Isn't it?

Not that I have a hidden tendency to destruct, but an occasional act of vandalism in my own privacy is definitely, err... fun. Designer Teruhiro Yanagihara has created a new line of objects with surfaces that can be 'vandalised' temporary with your fingernails. Destroying has never been so enjoyable, really.



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