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Nov 20, 2007


KNQ Associates scours the net for beautiful objects for the home!

1. The beautiful Around the Roses tables from Moroso depict posies on digitally printed fabric embedded in acrylic. The table tops range in hues from white and pink to violet and blue, and the varnished steel bases come in three heights with black or white lacquer finish.

2. The top cover of this fireplace/ table slides from side to side, exposing either a flue-less EcoSmart burner, or a recessed ice bucket fit for a bottle or two. We think this piece is set to be an instant ice-breaker at cocktail parties - hopefully not because someone’s skirt caught fire. Link

3. Instead of stashing away your shoes into the closet, consider giving those shoes a Ferris Wheel ride on the Shoe Wheel by Rakku Designs. This funky little product gently holds in place your flats - 30 pairs to be exact - via elastic bands, and offers the flexibility to adjust the size of the pockets, the tension or change the rotation speed to suit your needs.

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