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Nov 30, 2007


Located in central London, Olivomare is a new seafood restaurant that features an eye-catching mosaic wall of laminated plastic fish. I know we're not about to see anything fishy like this going on in your own home, but it sure looks interesting enough to share with you people here.

These candle holders scare me - it's amazing what people can think of these days. Link

We usually shake our heads in disappointment when those shelves bend under the strain from our book collection after some time. Flexi is an unique case where bending is celebrated.

On an ending note, we are currently working on our new company website, and are about to roll out the new look soon. We apologise for the reduced number of posts during the past few weeks (and over the next one or two).


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2 comments: on "SHORT TAKES"

Jessie said...

I don't ever want to look at those candles again!!!!! :( Hey, if others like them its okay,....but they upset me. lol

Cool bookcase!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those candle holders. Chucky, anyone?