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Dec 18, 2007


Christmas is just around the corner. Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your loved ones? We've rounded up the most ideal gifts for the occasion.

1. Coat racks just seem to look better and better (remember those olden days when coat hangers sit like a tree in the corner?). This impressive Frame hanger, though a tad over-sized, will get the nods from the ladies.

2. Which lady could possibly do without a mirror? Especially not when you are talking about the Narcisse mirrors from Domestic. Dress up and party away!

3. Ah Mr Wanders, how thoughtful of you to have come up with the Boutique sofa for those fashion-conscious - and maintenance-phobic - ladies. You'll be much loved.

4. A design masterpiece as a Christmas gift will most certainly impress (sorry about the big hole burnt in the pocket though). But at its price, the receiver's got to be a very special someone indeed.

5. This season, get her to revisit a classic: the baroque table lamp. Link

6. How does a chair covered in 24 carat gold as a gift sounds like? It's got to be good!

1. If he's a photography buff, Urban Outfitters' affordable Wall O Photos couldn't have come as a better Christmas gift.

2. The Magnetique by Swen Krause is a long, metal sheet accompanied by a series of differently sized, magnetic storage boxes that you can arrange as you like.

3. Think he has a lot to drink this coming festive season? The Riesling bar unit is a good-looker with nicely matched materials, fold-back doors and a waterproofed interior. From Armani/Casa.

4. Joe Doucet's ultra sleek chair 'curves and grooves'. In a rather masculine way, that is...

5. Men are gadget freaks. Mirror TV is a perfect solution to incorporate a TV into his existing bathroom decor. The ultimate in convenience is now available from Artelinea.

6. Guys value functionality (not that I'm saying the ladies don't!). The Nar coffee table is a multi-purpose furniture that will fit the bill. For all.

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1 comments: on "THE PERFECT GIFT IDEAS?"

Anonymous said...

Nice egg chair for a gift!