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Dec 30, 2007


Think of bamboo and images of Chinese courtyards or teahouses pop up. Property developer Gemdale recently commissioned the designers at One Plus Partnership to create a pleasant living experience - though not necessarily only in the residents' homes - in one of its projects and look what the creatives came up with.

Bamboo is the leitmotif of one of the eleven lobbies. Practically everything here is bamboo-green or bamboo-inspired. My, even the letter boxes are artfully arranged like leaves on a bamboo stem.

In Chinese literature and visual arts, bamboo stands for serenity and is an oft-repeated theme. The plant, which coincidentally is a fundamental element of Zen, is also the darling of the country’s landscape architects. "Its strong and straight appearance represents a man with a noble mind, a gentleman."

Those who scream in disgust at the sight of green would stay away from this lobby. But I say it's not too bad a place to meet your neighbors and check out those letters...

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