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Dec 15, 2007


After 2 months of slog, I'm happy to announce that our website finally got a new look! Packed with highlights of numerous home interiors we've rejuvenated over the past 4 years, we hope this newly designed 'book' will offer the public a better insight into our works and design process.

Though we're pretty pleased with the look of things on the site right now (yep, we know it won't win us a Webby yet...), that doesn't mean we won't continue to improve upon it. We especially need you folks to kindly offer any feedback on how we can do this thing better. So, do let us know, please!

In the meantime, happy reading.


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3 comments: on "WEBSITE REJUVENATED!"

berry said...

Looks great, guys!

jon said...

This is very stylish. Luv this unique book format you guys did.

Bhavna said...

Awesome! Great work Guys!