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Jan 15, 2008


Clients walking into my office will be surprised to find that, given my reputation for being a strong advocate of decluttering, my work desk is a complete mess. My table (strangely) overflows with piles of folders, material boards and drawings almost on a daily basis. I can't blame anyone but myself for not practicing what I preach, can I?

Where do I place my project files such that they are nicely tucked away yet easily accessed?

How do I mouse away without those power wires and cables getting in the way?

How much space should I allocate for my PC monitor and for writing and drafting purposes?

Now, it seems, the chance has come for us to re-evaluate the design of one of the most important furniture. The Design Institution's International Design Competition: Designers Workstation 2008 is seeking designs that best encapsulate the essence of a perfect designer's workstation.

Consider what the institution has to say about the competition, "From the onset of design as a discipline, designers (interior, graphic, textile, architectural, industrial) hammered out their projects using a work table, a drawing table, or a desk. In the XXI century the computer is the main tool for sketching design. The emerging needs of today’s designers, together with the global, cultural and technological changes, demand a new up-to-date workstation."

Now, let me see when I'll have the time - and the table space - to come up with a design entry for this competition...


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