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Jan 27, 2008


Yesterday, a very nice ex-client of mine passed me some 'after' (and 'before') photos he has taken of his home. The rejuvenation of the flat was completed by us about half a year ago, and was I glad to see that it still looks pretty much the way it was back then, ha...

The resolution and composition of these images may not be as good as we wanted, but hey, who cares! It's the home owner's enthusiasm that matters!

Dining area - before

Dining area - after

Living area - before

Living area - after

Master Bedroom - before

Master Bedroom - after


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2 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

berry said...

Nice retro touch at the dining room!

jon said...

The headboard design looks very pretty! Nice job, guys!

Looking at the photos, I must say your client's a competent photographer, haha!