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Jan 21, 2008


I love chairs, which have been termed as the most difficult furniture to design by some. No wonder, since no one chair is able to please everybody on this planet. But if you ask me, a chair displays the most personality amongst other furniture, and no matter what kind of theme your home is decorated in, you'll be able to find one that fits in just nicely. Think of it as a marriage between your home and the chair, sort of.

In actual fact, the older a chair gets the more I love it. Yes, call me vintage-mad.

Hence it's with much interest when I read about The Purple Ink's restored chairs a few days earlier. The main idea here? Recycling perfectly good chairs that were once old and unnoticed and putting these chairs into a collection for sale. I already love that whole grand idea but here's the nicer part: each chair is unique and numbered. This means you are not going to see the exact same chair elsewhere in other people's homes. I see them as an excellent companion to an existing sofa set or as new dining chairs for that old table.

Now, doesn't that sound like the perfect marriage or what?


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