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Jan 24, 2008


I used to be mad about home theaters at one stage of my life. A mad videophile, in fact.

As you know, a videophile is someone who takes pleasure in scrutinizing color saturations and contrast levels on screen - while the movie is playing. I never understood my younger days and have since moved on. But this does brings back some good old memories...

Talking about mad, the traditional Chinese New Year's approaching and everybody in my industry seems to be in such a mad rush to wrap up outstanding works before this huge festival. And that includes me myself. There's 2 weeks more to go, and I need to de-stress big time. I need to sit on the Rosebud chair and listen to my trusty iPod, with a good book in hand...

Anyway, the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2008 is on in early March. I'm not sure about you but KUS and I would be sure to pop by. If we have the time then, that is...

I'm growing more and more attached to Dezeen as of late, making sure to check it on a daily basis. Frankly, I've never been such a 'persistent' reader of a particular weblog and I can't explain why it didn't come up as a top favorite when we held the poll last September.

I don't know why I love it that much. Maybe it's the minimalist layout. Or the straight-to-the-point reporting. Or the beautiful surprises I get there everyday. I just know it's such a good read.


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