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Feb 23, 2008


I ought to feel ashamed. Being an Asian, I don't possess the deep knowledge about Chinese furniture that I should have. I also don't particularly like to walk into a Chinese antique furniture shop because the furniture style is just not my cup of tea. Add to that the fact I hardly - if ever at all - wish to comment on Chinese furniture here on Home Rejuvenation...

Chinese furniture has a very long history and a fine reputation in modern China and the West alike due largely to its profound cultural facts and superb craftsmanship. I'm not sure why, but I noticed a lot of expatriates in Singapore LOVE Chinese furniture. So, much like the way Philippe Starck modernised the Louis XV armchair with his Louis Ghost chair (and achieved mass appeal), I've always wondered if Chinese chairs could actually undergo the same kind of reincarnation too. I think we could be heading towards that direction.

To be looked upon more as conceptual art than as mere commodities, the 'redesigned' or 'deconstructed' furniture created by Chinese artist/ sculptor/ painter Shao Fan are one of a kind. For instance, by taking a traditional chair apart and combining it with contemporary materials and design sensibilities, Shao Fan wanted to express the philosophical and cultural changes and contrasts that face China today. While the furniture he designed are innovative, they are still joined via traditional methods. The ambiguous nature of the works presents an extremely interesting dynamic that continues to fascinate his audience.

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