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Feb 24, 2008


Whoever said stylish furniture must be expensive ought to be shot in the head. As the following examples show, we only need to think out of the box to create our very own objects of desire.

Swiss architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli’s FoldSchool children furniture are actually free downloadable patterns from his website. A printer, some cardboards and a pair of scissors are all you need to create these fun furniture for your kids (and the kid in you).

Ping pong balls are not only for playing: they make good LED diffusers for a table lamp too.

If you happen to have some thick planks lying in your backyard, here's a smart way to turn them into a nice minimalist chair.

This DIY wall clock could just catch the attention of MOMA. In any case, can you tell it's DIYed? I can't.

It's official: vinyl records are passe. Instead of chucking them out, why not turn your dad's LPs into sculptural bowls of art?

Do you have old toy soldiers stored away somewhere in a closet? London designer Ryan McElhinney shows how a stunning lamp base can be created by gluing together dozens of found action figures and painting them gold or silver.

Keep those burnt-out fluorescent tubes. The industrial looking Recycled Tube Light by Castor Design is easily (and cheaply) made from recycled tubes and lit using centrally placed light bulbs.

Do you have other ideas or links for DIY furniture to share with us? Let us know.

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1 comments: on "DIY OBJECTS OF DESIRE"

jon said...

What wonderful ideas!