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Feb 25, 2008


IKEA perfected the art of flat-packing furniture, creating modular furniture that can be packed in boxes for shipping (and make big bucks thereafter). While I still have my reservations as far as the quality of flat-packed furniture is concerned, I have to admit I do admire the design of some of the IKEA products. Recognizing that the Swedish company is slowly monopolizing - or in fact they already did - the whole market for flat-packed furniture, we at Home Rejuvenation decided to pay homage to some stylish alternatives that could just give those big boys a run for the money.

Described as a "design that is green in more ways than one", Brazilian designer Rafael Simoes Miranda's cardboard-finished Doca folds like an origami to form a sturdy structure suitable for use as either a coffee table or TV bench.

The Bendant Lamp is a flat-packed chandelier composed of a series of leaf-like shades which can be easily bent up or down to create a look to your own fancy.

Designer Jeremy Grove's Flat Pack Table is formed from just a single sheet of foam PVC.

When even vases are flat-packed, you begin to wonder what's next in line.

Made from a single sheet of laser-cut steel and requiring only two screws to mount it onto the wall, Piegato seems like a great way to add storage instantly.

Designer David Graas has designed some fun furniture constructed entirely out of corrugated cardboards.

We never expected this, really. Architect Charles Lazor, who owns Blu Dot, created this modernist house that packs flat for shipping. He calls his FlatPak house 'manufactured architecture'.


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