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Feb 8, 2008


The home of architect Hagy Belzberg, who once interned at Frank Gehry's office, is one to remember. Or at least, it wouldn't get off your mind that easily once you set your eyes upon it.

Let's see: the house overlooks Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. It is a beautiful, modern glass building - I know some people might be put off by that idea - with an uncluttered interior. Add to the list an awesome outdoor home theater and the fond memories of drive-in theaters it brings.

If there's something called nirvana in this world, this would be it.


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3 comments: on "HAGY BELZBERG'S HOUSE"

andie said...

nice performing art for this house, Hagy Belzberg is one of interned at Frank Gehry's. There's also related news from Frank Gehry at:


8sin49 said...

Modern an simple house for relax space for yourself if have an good landscape is ideal home ...I like!

jon said...

Ultra cool! I'd love to stay there! And that movie screen!!