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Feb 17, 2008


If the country Vietnam conjures up only images of temples, pagodas and colonial villas in your head, then take a peek at this ultra-modern apartment in Ho Chi Minh City's up-and-coming regenerated street Ton That Tiep.

Designed in conjunction with architect Herald Duplessy, Catherine and Dai Tu of Gaya created this space, strategically located above their flagship furniture and lifestyle store, to be very much different from their other home in the Vietnamese countryside. The floors and walls are cleverly 'broken up' to inject a surprise element in the otherwise no-frills interiors: aluminum wave-shaped lines are laid into the concrete flooring, matching the over-sized painted wall panels depicting curves. The contrasting red tones found in the coffee table, retro chair and various accessories break up the monotony of the living and dining areas, which are enveloped in neutral greys and whites.

Nevertheless, touches of Vietnamese tradition are still visible throughout the apartment. For instance, resin Buddha statues placed inside the alcoves set into the wall offer the eyes much visual interest. A screen designed by Gaya partner Lawson Johnston and made using rattan (hugely popular in Southeast Asian countries) also sits in the master bedroom to diffuse the light from the side table lamp.


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