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Feb 6, 2008


When architects and designers design their own living spaces, guess what results? Nothing ordinary of course.

At least that's the case here.

Irregularity and an element of unpredictability characterizes this one-bedroom home of architect Joseph Giovannini. The whole renovation saw Giovannini angling walls, hanging 'deformed' cabinets and adding blocks of oddly-shaped blocks onto the walls. Plus, the Frenchman threw out conventional-looking furniture in favor of, well, not so conventional-looking ones. All these acts of non-conformism worked together to create a visual deception, making the 600 sqft apartment appear larger than it really is.

This is one fine example showing how eschewing the norm does produce wonderful results...

I'm overwhelmed. Aren't you?


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3 comments: on "A NON-CONFORMIST'S HOME"

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berry said...

I'm overwhelmed too!

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