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Feb 26, 2008


People always ask me what's the most difficult space or room to design. Frankly, for me, every room is equally tricky. But if I have to choose one room type, I'd pick the kids' room anytime. In this case, a good design goes far beyond painting the walls with bright neon colors or hanging kiddish-looking drapes over the windows. Instead, the design must be able to meet the needs and requirements of the children while being enjoyable - yes, that's the keyword - at the same time. And that, my friends, is as easy as reaching the peak of Mount Everest.

Hence I point your attention to this design by SKSK Architects from Japan. Granted, this is not a bedroom, play room or reading room in a typical home setup. But I'm really having so much fun myself - albeit virtually - in this children's bookstore located in Beijing, China. So much so to the point where I actually think the ideas here could inspire all of us in our next kids-room-design-outing. Stepping into this bookstore is like walking into another world. An imaginative one in which children forget themselves (and their parents) and totally immerse themselves in the library of books.

And just to let you know, I rarely have such good words for spaces dedicated to kids...


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