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Feb 22, 2008


Not that I would expect many people to have one in their backyards, but I think most of us have fond feelings for tree houses and really wouldn't mind having one (if money and space are not major concerns). Not so much for dwelling, but for the occasional view from the canopy.

The first time I saw a tree house in such a modernized city like Singapore would be the Lee Treehouse designed by Singapore architect/ lecturer Joseph Lim (left pic). The structure won Associate Professor Lim the title of Honorable Mention in the 2002 Kenneth F Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architecture Design Award. Since then, I've not seen many fine examples of 'sanctuaries on trees'.

Thankfully, Inhabitat has put together some similarly beautiful, innovative on-tree structures over the years. Let's take a peek...

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3 comments: on "SANCTUARIES ON TREES"

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I'm a huge fan of tree houses, but online resources on them are scarce. Thanks, and you guys have a super cool design blog!

Bhavna said...

There are some incredible tree houses in Kerala, India. Most are built with the principles of sustainability and are very eco concious.

KNQ Associates said...

Would love to see them, bhavna! Any chance you'll be featuring them on your blog?:)