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Feb 10, 2008


- Some people like to get their hands dirty when it comes to their own dwelling. I don't - not that I would expect most Singaporeans do - and would never imagine myself lifting a paint brush and get going around the rooms. That's just too much work for me.

But for the benefit of those of you who do, these videos should get you excited.

- Talking about being excited, anti-minimalism fans would indeed be happy to know that maximalism in interior decor is coming back in a fashionable way. And here's something comforting: while the look is all about opulence and glamor, you don't really have to pay Prada prices to achieve it.

- I haven't been to the Singapore Art Museum for a long time. I finally popped by SAM yesterday for Chinese artist Feng Zhengjie's exhibition Primary Colours, and all I can say is: I'm mesmerized by the loud reds, pinks and greens! Contemporary Chinese art is gonna catch on in the very near future, I think.

- Have you come across any good, new design blogs lately? I've been doing my homework these past few weeks and noted the following ones. If you've got other interesting ones you wish to share with us - and I mean design related blogs only - feel free to list them in the comments section too. I'm all ears.

- You folks would have noticed the new layout on Home Rejuvenation. We've not changed the look of this blog for quite a while and thought refreshing it during this Chinese New Year period is a good idea.

Do leave any comments, good or bad, if you have anything to say about the revised look. We'll be very appreciative of that.


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5 comments: on "SHORT TAKES"

Anonymous said...

Woots!! Wat nice art!

orangefan said...

How About Orange

vineeta said...

Hey! Thanx for the mention :)! Im SO Happy!!!

KNQ Associates said...

Hi Vinneta, you've got a great blog, and it's our pleasure to share it with our readers.:)

berry said...

Love the new look. Looking forward to more great posts from this blog!