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Feb 18, 2008


If you are a Japanese and have roughly 1.5 million yen (which converts to approximately $15k U.S dollars), how would you use the money?

The owner of this DIY house called XXXX-House was originally hunting for a Toyota Corolla with that sum of money. But for some reasons unknown, he had a change of mind and decided to have an atelier built using the money he had saved. Being a ceramics artist, he also hoped to use this house as a gallery space to display his work.

Given the somewhat meagre budget, Masahiro Harada and MAO of Mount Fuji Architects Studio, who were engaged to oversee the construction, certainly did not disappoint their client. Rather than being built in the traditional sense of the word, the simple yet elegant house is pieced together from a flexible system of modules made up of numerous identical units. Perhaps the angled facade makes this structure immediately eye-catching (in fact the structure stands looking a little like a concertina from the outside). But it's not all looks and no substance: the triangular pockets formed between every two angled partitions allow plenty of light to come into the house without the presence of windows.


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