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Mar 10, 2008


How To Install Invisible Shelves

This is how you can make a stylish invisible bookshelf for yourself without spending a dime.


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berry said...

How wonderful is this! Stylish yet affordable!

jon said...

This is the coolest video I've ever seen!

Chanio said...

There is another way of doing a similar look but:
1) Without having to choose a book to sacrifice. (you could later burn some if you want, anyway)
2) Without feeling obliged to stack them in a pile that shows that you never use them. It is better to put them side by side and take anyone anytime without using both hands.
3) Not being limited by its size. You could do it one meter long or bigger, depending only of the space that you've got.

Buy a piece of thin metal that would not bend when all the books stood over it. Paint it black.
Buy 3 or 4 metal triangles with corners to screw to the wall and to the thin black metal that would be the shelf.
Then, don't put the angles under the black metal, but over it! After screwing it all, you'll have natural separators for your books. So, they won't fall if there are very few over the shelf...

Anonymous said...

That's just awesome, I wish I had the supplies to do this LOL

Anonymous said...