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Mar 15, 2008


"Art is useless; furniture is useful. If you sit your ass on it, it's a chair, if you walk around and look at it, its art... In fact, the more layers of meaning the better." Based on that premise, the China Chair Project (CCP), which was launched at the December 2007 Art Basel Miami exhibition in Florida, encourages participating artists to come up with works of art that also function as furniture.

Many of the artists picked for the commission have no prior experience in three-dimensional media. But while most of these pieces do not look like the types we use at home - or even in commercial settings - they are not meant to poke fun at design. Rather, they are more of a medium for self-expression by the artists.

Zhan Wang's Rocks Off ensemble of seats in polished metal.

Xiang Jing's Embrace Jabba – as you must have guessed from the name – was inspired by the character Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. Sorry but is it just me or what? I thought it looks more like an organ.

Unmask's Kill Bill cocktail table features slow-moving 'bullets' as bar stools. I'm thinking more of The Matrix actually.

Shi Jianmin's Love Me Do chair in polished metal.

Something that look normal at long last. Black Beauty, a set of seating by Muchen and Shao Yinong, reflects the melancholy effects of change in China.

To view more works from the project, pop over to CCP's official site.


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Lindsay said...

Some great seating finds there! I'm not sure why, but I really dig the "Rocks Off" set. I can't imagine it in my living room, but I'd love to see someone integrate it into an interior design. :)

jon said...

Yeah, i agree with lindsay. Those rocks are kinda cute-looking.

But I think that largest one would work as a nice coffee or side table too if you put a glass top on it.