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Mar 20, 2008


Earlier, Swedish architects Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture designed a series of four prefabricated low-energy houses called Passive Houses. These are well-insulated homes that are heated mainly by the energy generated by people and household equipment within. Perhaps due to my prying nature, my favorite from the lot is Villa Atrium, an innovative circular structure spanning a whole 160m².

The architects have this to say about the general concept behind the design of this house: "The autumn is closing in, but its still warm in the sun. Its Sunday morning and I'm reading the newspaper in the kitchen. From here I can see almost the whole house. The kitchen and the living room form one big open room. From there two corridors running along the atrium connects it with the bedrooms. If I look into the atrium I can see the doors to the bedrooms on the other side, there our kids are still fast asleep, they stayed up a bit too long yesterday watching movies in our home cinema. On the middle of the atrium stands an apple tree. The apples are ripe and looks like red Christmas balls on the tree. I walk out and start picking them, today the whole family will have apple pie for breakfast!"


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