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Mar 14, 2008


You may not know, but I love to look at the homes Indians live in. The experience is much like tasting Indian cuisine, which is characterized by its sophisticated and diverse use of traditional spices and herbs. A typical Indian house, regardless of whether it's nicely decorated or not, is just like that: rich and colorful; with the ability to titillate the senses while staying true to local traditional and cultural roots.

Prominent Indian entrepreneur Rajshree Pathy's home, which she conceived with the help of an engineer, is one fine example. Looking more like an art gallery - Rajshree happens to be an art connoisseur by the way - the house is characterized by its blend of local and foreign decor styles, and filled with exciting works by artists such as Ravinder Reddy and Shivan Paswan alongside modern furniture designed by Philippe Starck. No surprise, when you discover that Rajshree wants this house to be "a museum, a resort and an artist's retreat all in one".

Now, I really hate homes that are filled with design and art but contain no signs of the owner. In unsuccessful cases, such homes can turn out looking 'dehumanized'. Especially so when home owners are doing up their homes on their own without any help from design professionals. But I feel this is one of those homes where the occupant's personality really comes through, and the end result is, fortunately, 'highly livable'.


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5 comments: on "RAJSHREE PATHY'S HOME"

Arch at Rang said...

Glad you liked my post on Rajshree Pathy's home:-)

Do drop by often at 'Rang Decor' for more on Indian Interiors.


Anonymous said...

Most middle -class Indians do not live in any such homes- more likely small one or two bedroom apartments(except the poor who live in shanties). People like Rajshri Pathy and such represent less than the 1% of homes in India. And indeed they are well furnished and stocked.

berry said...

From the look of things, Rajshree Pathy definitely belongs to India's super-rich population. I do hear countless stories about the two extremes of standards of living in India.

Hopefully the situation will improve with India's rapid rise as an economic powerhouse.

KNQ Associates said...

Can't agree more with Berry.

Rajshree De said...

I think the subject of the post was to invite comments about a unique interior and not about economic condition of any country.
The rich people in every country live differently than the commoners. Let's accept that and start appreciating the beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; let's open our eyes.