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Apr 4, 2008


It's official: the days of unimaginative turquoise pools in backyards are truly over. Nowadays, home owners are ditching the traditional look for a much sleeker one. Whether it's a streamlined lap pool, an infinity edge pool or, in Bill Gates' case, a high-tech pool (fitted with underwater music system), the swimming pools of today are integral elements of modern house design both - internally and externally.

(Images from the book Cool Pools & Hot Tubs)

The pool created by Munkenbeck + Marshall for a family home in North London, England is in a self-contained wing of the house, accessed through sliding doors from the far end of an open kitchen and family room. The lengthy pool integrates a hot tub at a corner and spouts at one end to provide high-pressure water for a good massage. Sliding door panels can be pulled back across one section to separate the interior from the exterior during winter time. Clever.

The view offered by means of the location of a pool is often as important as the design of the pool itself. In this stunning example, the owner of this house (construction journal editor Dominique Boudet wanted a modern glass house with a swimming pool at the top. Rem Koolhaas, one of the world's most influential architects, gave him just that - in addition to a strategic view of Paris.

(Images from the book Cool Pools & Hot Tubs)

This orientally inspired basement pool by Rainbow Pools has a tranquil atmosphere, and was designed to be used as a sanctuary away from the bustle of life. The dark Portuguese limestone helped create an intimate environment in which one can truly relax in, while the 3 Buddha heads further that sense of calm. In one of the recessed niches, a spa tub area has also been created.

Swimming pools are taking center stage in many houses. One example can be found in ACQ's Dulwich Pool House. The architects integrated wide spans of clear glass on the facade to allow the occupants to be able to view the pool (and the garden beyond) easily from any corner of the formal areas. As much a breathtaking lighting feature that comes to life at night as it is a recreation spot for the family, this project was shortlisted for a AJ Small Projects Award and picked as a finalist for the FX Awards.

(Images from the book Cool Pools & Hot Tubs)

Built at one end of a series of colonnaded rooms in a restored building on the outskirts of Venice, Italy, this pool and Jacuzzi are a frequently used part of a family's health and fitness regime. The pool is an integral part of the house and is immediately visible from both the entrance and hallway. What's most striking about this pool is the submarine-type view of the pool which can be seen through a 6cm thick tempered clear glass porthole panels at the basement, where the spa, gym and sauna room are located. Ha, since when did watching your family members swim count as an enjoyable form of entertainment?


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2 comments: on "COOL POOLS: A COMPILATION"

berry said...

The pool with the buddha heads is gorgeous. Very sensual environment!

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Very inspiring. I really like the Dulwich Pool House project.