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Apr 21, 2008


I've been getting a little health-conscious as of late. Yes, you know the usual stuff that come with it: eating healthier food and sitting around less. And as if that's not enough, I've been hitting the gym much more. Life can be a struggle at times, and it's incredible how getting all sweaty - magically - rejuvenates the body and mind altogether.

That brings me to point you to this chic private fitness and wellness area designed by Italy's BRH+. Located at the basement of a private residence in Firenze, this gym is set to get the heart pumping. Those walls – definitely the eye-catchers of the space – consist of red, black and pale-grey pads that overlap like the scales you see on a snake.

The cushioned ‘shingles’ – each a MDF panel clad in a matte PVC-like material – are individually attached to the walls with metal rings. By covering both side walls with these custom-made pads, the designers emphasized the length of the interior and amplified its sense of spaciousness.

Adjoining the gym is a spa. The design here is calm and tranquil, the perfect environment to spend the afternoon after a workout.


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