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Apr 11, 2008


Staying in the same house for too long can sometimes cause a quandary. You can stand and stare blankly at the same bland walls for weeks, wondering what to do with them and still the answer wouldn't appear. Most people have a hard time figuring out what to do with their walls, because their thoughts are limited to just normal paint and pictures. But there actually exist alternatives.

Unorthodox ones.

Granted, using maps as wallcovering is the last thing on our minds. But I think we all need to just relax a little and have fun sometimes. Whoever said a room must look like a six star presidential suite? Giving a room character is much more important. If the maps tear or start to look boring in a few weeks time, just take them down - it doesn't really hurt. The same goes for Post-It notes which are widely available at all good departmental stores.

For those who still think painting and hanging pictures are the best solutions to go (we know some of you will need much more coaxing), try thinking slightly out of the box. Instead of your matte emulsions, what about chalkboard paint on one wall? A wall you can scribble or doodle on? It's good - though not necessarily so clean - fun for everyone in the family.

On the other hand, short of filling a wall with photos of your family, what about hanging just the frames - in different sizes and shapes - alone? Or just the photos without any frames? I assure you the effect is totally unexpected. In a good way, I mean.

And not forgetting all plant-lovers, there's an equally impressive way to integrate your favorite plants onto the wall, if you like it that way. Shock the guests with a 'floating plant'. Make them go wow.

Do you have any other unorthodox ideas to decorate up the walls? I'll like to hear from you.


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Anonymous said...

I never knew post-its can come in so useful as a beautiful wallcovering!

berry said...

I like that post-it wall!Marvelous!

AGNES M. said...

I've done the map wall before and think it can be a great idea. If you're looking to do the post-it wall though, make sure you use some other form of adhesive than just the original stick backing -- otherwise it's going to fall apart really quickly!

Also, if you looking for an alternative to the blackboard paint, you can put up incredibly cheap showerboard siding, and have a whiteboard wall.

Anonymous said...

I still like the brown paper bag effect, kind of looks like leather when done correctly. Ever heard of that? And once, when I could not afford expensive glass tiles, I sawed the bottoms off of lots of colored beer bottles and grouted them onto wall. I was pleased with outcome.

Suzie said...

Cover a wall with newspapers?

Anonymous said...

I bought an inexpensive patterned sheet and used velcro to hang it on one inset wall. I left the other walls white so it's the main accent point of the room. It adds drama and color with the added bonus of being temporary.

Logotype said...

Wonderful walls!

Anonymous said...

For the person who previously stated that they sawed off beer bottle bottoms...what sort of equipment did you use?

Bathroom Tiles said...

Love the post it note and the map ideas.