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May 21, 2008


French-Brazilian architects Triptyque offer some spectacular design ideas for one of their past projects, a private apartment in São Paulo.

I'm not a big fan of organic forms, but the (sexily) curvy bookcase that wraps around the building’s circulation is a stunner in every way. As the architects spoke of this monumental structure, it "embraces the technical core of the building (elevators and stairs). It presents itself in every room and defines the whole project: through the bookcase is made the entrance to the apartment, like walking into a cave, through the dark towards the light."

The kitchen is equally impressive: "a great concrete stone – from where fire arises – that stands in the center of the project. It is the element of encountering and articulation and is placed in the central position, speaking directly to the great structure (the bookcase)." The ultra-long cantilevered table top that adjoins the island unit amazes me.

The bathroom is an exercise in cool minimalism. Stainless steel, white-washed tiles and concrete are the materials of choice here.

In the bedroom, dark-grey elements combine to produce a cosy and intimate feel, offsetting the whites used predominantly through the apartment.


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IF+D said...

I love that photo with all the doors open, so cool. These shelves are so fractal feeling, organic but a geometric too. Very nice!

KNQ Associates said...

Yes, we love that shot as much as you!:)

John Smith said...

Sweet blog!
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jon said...


Tara Diane said...


I love the bathroom, absolutely gorgeous.